Junior School

The focus for this sub school stage is on welcoming students into the Lyndhurst Learning Community and setting them in motion for a positive learning experience.

Our curriculum structure in the Launch stage is largely pre-determined to ensure all learners are able to experience subjects across the eight learning areas from the Victorian Curriculum.

Even our Year 7 and 8 learners have the opportunity to have a voice in their learning, choosing their Arts and STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering, Maths) subjects based on areas of interest within these learning areas.

In addition, students will either undertake a subject in the area of Language or Literacy, additional to their English/EAL studies.  Students and their parents/carers will be given a recommendation based on their literacy levels determined by testing conducted as part of their transition program.

Our Literacy subject is offered to students whose literacy levels indicate a need for additional support.  This support will help students not only in English, but across all their other subjects as all subjects involve a need for literacy.  The curriculum is based on the key skills of:

  • Comprehending a variety of texts through listening, reading and viewing
  • Composing a variety of texts through speaking, writing and creating

In 2024, a typical learning program for learners in Launch (Years 7 and 8) is structured as follows:

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