At Lyndhurst Secondary College we believe in the promotion of a holistic approach to student development for learning and life and our Wellbeing Team lead our commitment to ensuring that all our students have access to physical, mental, emotional and social health and wellbeing supports.

Some of the supports our Wellbeing Team provide include:

  • Health and mental health promotion and early intervention supports
  • Social-emotional supports
  • Individual short-term counselling for students
  • Support to students and families
  • Assisting students to engage with external supports as required

Our students have the ability to complete a self-referral to our Wellbeing Team, as well as seeking support from parents and staff to complete a referral for them.

Our Wellbeing Team consists of:

  • Carley Linley – Wellbeing Leader
  • Emma Andrews – Mental Health Practitioner
  • Rubi Sultani – Psychologist
  • Damian Bertram – Youth Worker
  • Thomas Brehaut – Youth Worker
  • Tess Doyle – Adolescent Health Nurse
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