Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School of Lyndhurst Secondary College – a senior school that offers a diverse range of opportunities, experiences and programs of study for students in Years 11 and 12 to assist our students in being well prepared and successful in life post school.

Students in the Senior School are fortunate to be supported and assisted by a very experienced and dedicated team of educators. Their commitment to students is demonstrated by their ongoing availability to provide support, advice and counselling in relation to both schooling and post-schooling options as well as a willingness to assist with personal difficulties that may be experienced by students from time to time.

Varied pathways exist through the Senior School which enable students to:

  • Accelerate learning by Year 10 students undertaking a VCE or VET unit as part of their Year 10 program and continuing that head start by doing a Year 12 subject while in Year 11.
  • Pursue a VCE program with a broad range of studies offered in the Senior School. Most VCE programs will require students to undertake 20 units over two years.
  • Students may also complete subjects via Virtual Schools Victoria (VSV) or the Victorian School of Languages (VSL). Subjects studied have the potential to contribute to a students ATAR score at the end of their schooling. Information surrounding subjects offered, and opportunities can be found using the following links:
  • Complete a VCE VM program which enables students to achieve specific learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy as well as practical, vocational competencies and personal development skills.
  • Incorporate Vocational Education and Training (VET) units within VCE or VCE VM programs. A number of vocational certificates are offered, with each course enabling students to undertake work placement. VET information and opportunities can be located using the following link:
  • The College is equipped with a modern, state of the art trade training centre with the capabilities of delivering a high-quality VET Automotive program. VET Automotive is run onsite at the college.
  • Undertake a part time, school based apprenticeship as part of VCE or VCE VM which enables students to enjoy the dual status of both student and employee.

We deliver programs aimed at preparing students for the real world, these include:

  • Mentoring program for students in Years 11 and 12, focussed on the three pillars of learning; Careers, Wellbeing and Learning to Learn. External providers, Elevate Education and the Resilience Project are used to facilitate this program and ensure that it reaches a standard of excellence.
  • Careers counselling and guidance about making key decisions related to post-school options.
  • Excursions to help students explore pathway options post secondary schooling.
  • Special events, such as the Graduation Dinner, Formal and Celebration Day for all Year 12 students.

Further information about Senior School can be found in the Senior School handbook which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Senior School Resources and Book List items can be located at the bottom of the page also.

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