Lyndhurst Secondary College has a compulsory uniform. The college uniform has been created in consultation with students, staff and parents/carers. It includes a variety of options to cater for students preferences in warmth, style comfort and sensory preferences.

The college uniform can be purchased from Beleza. It is expected that uniform items are purchased from our official supplier to ensure that articles of clothing are compliant with the School Council endorsed uniform.

Please see the uniform price list here.

Second-hand uniform items may be available through www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au.

See below for further information on the Sustainable School Shop, to buy and sell second hand books and uniform

If your child is out of uniform please send them to school with a note explaining the reason for them being out of uniform and how long they will be out of uniform. The student should then take the note to their Sub School Office to get a uniform pass.

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