Home Group & Mentor

In 2023, Lyndhurst Secondary College introduced two significant additions to the experiences of our students with a daily ten-minute Home Group and weekly Mentor Group classes being incorporated into our learning structures.

Our daily Home Group has been introduced to provide students with that consistent staff member to engage with at the beginning of the school day for the purpose of building meaningful connections within the school outside of classroom learning and to ensure that all students are prepared to learn for the day.

A key focus of the Home Group teacher is to develop meaningful connections with not just the students but also with home to build the relationship between school and home to improve student learning and life outcomes.

Finally, Home Group will add another layer to our work on wellbeing and connection, whereby we will see more opportunities for house-based competitions, as well as regular time for wellbeing strategies to be implemented and used by students.

Our weekly Mentor Group has been introduced to engage students in learning to support the holistic development of our students for learning and life.

While the Mentor Group experience is different for all year levels, curriculum and experiences our students engage with are all underpinned by our three pillars of Learning2Learn, Wellbeing & Connection, and Careers & Pathways.

Year Levels




7 & 8


To start or set something in motion. To send forth.

The focus for this sub school stage is on welcoming students into the Lyndhurst Learning Community and setting them in motion for a positive learning experience.

9 & 10


To examine something thoroughly. To learn something by trying it.

The focus for this sub school stage is on providing students with the opportunities to engage with a wide variety of subjects. This encourages students to take more responsibility for determining their learning pathway.

11 & 12


To get or reach something by working hard. To reach a goal.

The focus for this sub school stage is on enabling students to take control of their learning pathway and subjects as independent young people.

A core component of the Mentor Group experiences is Lyndhurst Secondary College’s engagement with The Resilience Project. Staff, students and parents/carers will have the opportunity to engage with a range of resources utilised within TRP to support the holistic development of our young people.

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