Lyndhurst Secondary College operates a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program. This program ensures every student has ‘anywhere, anytime’ access to innovative learning resources. It will also allow teachers to engage students in quality e-learning activities in class, and ensure they are prepared to enter a technology-rich world. Additionally, with the combination of DET’s eduPass solution and Microsoft Office 365 initiative, students will have free access to a catalogue of software to download and install on their personal machines. 

Successful Lyndhurst Graduates are technology savvy, self-directed and independent and problem solvers.  LSC has engage an authorised supplier – Edunet to ensure our students have access to a suitably hardwearing and useful device. Lyndhurst has no formal relationship with Edunet and receives no financial kickback.

Edunet has an online purchasing portal that has been specifically designed for school environments. The online portal is set up as a step-by-step system allowing you to select your device, accessories (if applicable), extended warranty and insurance. It also offers flexible payment methods. Please watch the Information video and follow the link below to access the portal.

For further information regarding the BYOD program including specifications, please review the BYOD program document below.

Relevant Documents

For further details, follow the link to find out how you can get started with Office 365 for free office 365 guide