This subject is a general Physical Education and Health course. Students will participate in a variety of practical activities that will enable them to continue their development of skills and develop their ability to apply strategies to team games. Students will also participate in a range of training methods and fitness testing which will link directly to their theory work.

During theory lessons, students will gain an insight into Health and Human development, specifically; the dimensions of health, the factors that impact on an individual’s health and the indicators of health status.

Additionally, students will be introduced to Physical Education theory such as skeletal and muscular systems, energy systems, fitness components, training principles and methods. Students will endeavour to design an individual fitness plan and partake in this throughout the semester.

Assessment tasks:

•             Classwork

•             Practical participation

•             Research assignments

•             Unit tests

•             Semester exam

•             Planning and participating in individual fitness plan

Outdoor and Environmental Studies

During this subject students will develop and strengthen survival skills and outdoor education activity based skills through both practical and theoretical application. Theory lessons will include topics such as surf awareness, safety in the outdoors, minimal impact bushwalking, environmental issues, basic first aid and camp preparation. Students will also be expected to undertake a range of practical activities such as, lifesaving and survival swimming, surfing, mountain bike riding, bushwalking, Rock Climbing and an overnight camp. STUDENTS AND PARENTS MUST BE AWARE THAT THERE IS A $230 COST ASSOCIATED WITH THIS SUBJECT. (Fees were applicable in 2020 and may be subject to change in 2022)

Assessment Tasks

  • Practical participation
  • Planning and participation in peer teaching or tabled sports events
  • Assignments/Research projects
  • Health and Physical Education Theory
  • Journal/workbook
  • Exam