In 2023 all students will attend their daily homegroup. 

The purpose of this time is to commence each day with a consistent person (mentor teacher) in a consistent space that students can build ownership over.  The mentor teacher will play a critical role in being a significant adult that works with each young person over the year, knowing them as learners and individuals, as well as tracking critical measures such as attendance and growth. 

Homegroup also provides important opportunities to improve year-level and school-based communication, with Team Leaders able to meet with cohorts or small groups about things coming up for the specific year level.  Finally, homegroup will add another layer to our work on wellbeing and connection, whereby we will see more opportunities for house-based competitions, as well as regular time for wellbeing strategies to be implemented and used by students.  A team of staff and students will be working together this semester to co-construct our vision for homegroup so we ensure that it meets the needs of each of our year levels based on their voice.

In order to facilitate these important curriculum shifts, we will be making an adjustment to our school bell times.  This will allow for effective transition time between classes, as well as the facilitation of our new curriculum.