Senior School Returning Students

Sunday, July 12 - 2020

Dear Parents/Carers and Senior Students:

We look forward to welcoming our Year 11&12 students and Year 10 students who are doing a VCE subject tomorrow.  Please note, that Year 10 students should only attend for their VCE subject.

As you would have heard in the media, we will be conducting temperature checks of all students.  Students will go straight to their period 1 class and a staff member will be visiting and taking every students temperature.  If a student records a temperature of 37.5 or greater they will be sent to wait outside the front office while we call home for someone to pick them up. 

Can I please remind you again that if you are unwell, please stay home and do not attend school.  We will provide you with work.

Students who start period 2, please arrive 10 mins prior to the lesson, not earlier.  Your temperature will be taken at the start of period 2.

If you are late to school, you will need to go to the front office and have your temperature checked, before you go to class. 

Year 10 students who present other than period 1, must go to the office immediately on arrival for temperature check.

There will be no canteen so please bring food as we are a closed campus and you will not be allowed to leave the College during the day.  Please remember to bring a water bottle.

It is important that students social distance during recess and lunch time and ensure you leave the school grounds promptly at the end of the day. 

These procedures will be in place for the foreseeable future.

We need to work together to keep everybody safe.

Stay Safe

Konnie Prades