supporting learning needs

We are committed to delivering an inclusive education that ensures all students have access to a quality education that meets the diversity of their needs.

Students who are numerate and literate will be able to meet the everyday demands of their schooling and everyday life

Lyndhurst Secondary College has a number of programs to assist students with their specific learning needs, particularly in the areas of literacy and numeracy.

These students are identified through the collection of data from a range of sources:

  • ACER
  • Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT)
  • Math and Reading transition data
  • Teacher observations.

The data is then used by teachers to determine an individual student’s point of need. Teachers are able to use this information to inform their teaching and make adjustments to curriculum as required.

High Achievers

The College offers a select entry accelerated learning program for highly motivated and talented students. The Academic Curriculum Enhancement (ACE) Program aims to enhance academic potential through individualised pathways.

The program curriculum is designed to provide students with further opportunity to accelerate and enhance their learning, challenge the individual and promote critical thinking, and extend students beyond the expected level. Students are provided with open-ended activities which invite curiosity, exploration and the manipulation of ideas, at a deeper and broader level than might otherwise occur. Students are encouraged to focus on creativity, initiative, responsibility and leadership.