middle school years 7 – 9

Students learn best when programs cater for their individual needs and talents. At Lyndhurst Secondary College, we ensure that the curriculum offers a rich and diverse range of learning strategies so that these needs and talents are catered for. We provide a support network within our Middle Sub School consisting of Sub School Leader, Team Leaders and Home Group Teachers. Staff in these roles work together to identify any issues that may affect student progress.

Students in Middle School study a core curriculum including Mathematics, English, Science, Health and Physical Education. In years 7 and 8 at Lyndhurst, students participate in a range of practical subjects in the Art and Technology areas in readiness for their elective selection in Year 9.

In Year 9 at Lyndhurst curriculum caters for each dimension of student learning: intellectual, physical, emotional and social. As a part of this, each student will have sessions in relation to goal setting and researching career plans. At Lyndhurst Secondary College, it is our expectation that students will be well prepared to undertake study in the Senior School.

Extra Curricula

Providing students with the opportunity to shine in a range of areas and the chance to develop and hone vital skills, such as teamwork and relationship building, is an important part of any child’s education.

Participation in extra curricula programs has been shown to improve students’ ability to concentrate in the classroom, increase enjoyment levels at school and reduce disengagement with education. At Lyndhurst Secondary College, we recognise the impact of this and our studentsare afforded many opportunities to engage in fun and interesting activities outside of the classroom.

Opportunities for participation are offered in a number of areas including performing arts, sports, reading, lunchtime activities and leadership programs.