New classes for all our Year 7 students in 2022

We are excited to announce a brand new curriculum opportunity for Lyndhurst learners entering Year 7 in 2022.  

Welcome to LAUNCH!

LAUNCH (verb): To start or set something in motion.

LAUNCH is a brand new subject developed especially for Lyndhurst learners.  The name LAUNCH was selected as we see this class as critical to setting up our learners for success in their secondary schooling education. 

As a college, we view LAUNCH as being one of the most important ways we can set our Lyndhurst learners in motion, supporting and challenging them to become the best learners and people they can possibly be.  It sees one teacher work with students one period every week as a LAUNCH Mentor over the course over the year, with a focus on:

·         Supporting effective transition to high school

·         Building positive and constructive relationships

·         Supporting and challenging learners to build their learning skills.

This curriculum will be designed under three key pillars, with examples of what this could entail outlined below.  The curriculum is flexible and adaptive to the needs of groups of students working with their mentor.

We are excited to develop and offer this to our Year 7 students in 2022!