Ace program

The Academic Curriculum Enhancement (ACE) at Lyndhurst Secondary College offers a learning pathway for highly able and talented students. This program is designed to provide them with a challenging and diverse curriculum that will enhance each student’s ability to achieve success at school and beyond. It is intended that students begin this program at Year 7 and continue through to Year 12.

They will be provided with:

  • Specialised core curriculum and involvement in all practical subjects, such as Woodwork and Performing Arts, offered to mainstream classes.
  • Negotiated individual research projects, developing planning, collaborative working and problem-solving skills.
  • Opportunities to focus on areas that befit a student’s desired learning path.
  • Provision of a wide range of practical activities, inquiry and fieldwork.
  • Pathways focused on increasing ATAR scores, including Early Start VCE options, alongside Extension English and Mathematics classes in Year 10.

How is the ace program different?

Students in the ACE Program will be exposed to all core content that students must cover in the Mainstream Pathway. In some cases, pre-testing will establish the opportunity to skip ahead to new material and in others, students will learn both the mainstream material and additional, more complex, material.

The real difference is seen in the approach students take in their learning. Students have the opportunity to engage in individual, self-directed learning, that specifically addresses both their abilities and their interests.

We seek to modify both the content of the lessons and the way in which those lessons are taught, so that each individual in the pathway is catered for in the best way possible.


Each year, a number of scholarships are offered to students, based on the academic testing that is part of the application process. These scholarships total $1000 per student. It is the commitment of the College that we encourage and support local feeder primary schools through this process and based on results, award these scholarships fairly.

For further information and application details please download the ACE Information Booklet.

ACE TESTING will take place at Lyndhurst Secondary College. The date is to be confirmed. Once confirmed, more information will be released regarding this.