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Expressions of Interest – Exams Supervisors 2023

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Eligibility criteria

Chief supervisors cannot be any of the following:-

Chief supervisors

All supervisors are required to carry out a range of responsibilities; however, there are a number of tasks that the VCAA considers to be the specific responsibility of the chief supervisor.

Chief supervisors have overall responsibility for the conduct and administration of VCE external assessments, as set out in this manual and any additional instructions provided by the VCAA and the school at which they are employed.

Chief supervisors are responsible for:

  • reconciling all external assessment materials within 48 hours of delivery, ensuring they are stored in a dedicated secure locked repository according to VCAA requirements
  • ensuring there is a clear and common understanding of the requirements for any student with approved Special Examination Arrangements
  • ensuring the secure storage and collection of external assessment materials
  • ensuring that authorised school personnel are made aware of any student who does not obey or observe instructions given by the supervisor in the examination room
  • ensuring that suitable arrangements are available in the event that a student’s behaviour requires their removal from an examination room
  • ensuring all response material is collected and packed according to VCAA requirements
  • the safekeeping and handing over of the completed response material to the VCAA courier

All supervisors

All supervisors, including chief supervisors, are responsible for:

•familiarising themselves with the procedures for the conduct and administration of VCE external assessments

•familiarising themselves with the centre-specific emergency procedures (evacuations and lockdowns) in place during VCE external assessments

•ensuring they have a clear understanding of the provisions for any student with approved Special Examination Arrangements

•maintaining, within the school’s established guidelines, proper order and discipline among students

  • ensuring that no students engage in cheating
    • talk at any time while in the examination room

•share items such as dictionaries, calculators, watches, water bottles or stationery

•ensuring correct external assessment materials are distributed to students

• communicating specific requirements to students before, during and at the conclusion of each VCE external assessment, which includes, but is not limited to, the relevant announcements and Examination Centre Messages

• making arrangements for procedures to be followed when a student becomes ill or needs to use toilet facilities

• maintaining Attendance Rolls

• a seating plan for each VCE external assessment (in conjunction with school personnel)

• a journal that records whether each VCE external assessment proceeded normally and if not, brief notes on what occurred that was out of the ordinary

• a log of all students going to the toilet and a record of toilet checks

• a record of all students taking approved rest breaks by completing the Special Examination Arrangements rest break log sheet form

• ensuring that no student infringes on the rights of any other student to complete their VCE external assessment

• being vigilant in reporting emergencies immediately to authorised school personnel

• completing a 2022 Incident report for VCE external assessments form for any late students, any alleged breach of rules or any incidents that occur in the examination room that are inconsistent with VCAA policies or procedures.

Supervisor appointments

Principals appoint supervisors subject to the conditions set out by the VCAA and under employment procedures established by the school council or school board.

It is advisable that supervisors have a current police records check. Principals must also ensure that their employment practices for supervisors comply with the Worker Screening Act (2020), that commenced on 1 February 2021. It is a legal requirement that all VCE written examination supervisors obtain an employment

Working with Children Check (WWCC) before commencing work, unless they are eligible for an exemption under the Act.

For information about applying for a WWCC, visit the Department of Justice and Community Safety webpage:

The chief supervisor is accountable to the principal for the administration and conduct of VCE external assessments.

If new, the chief supervisor must be available to attend training.

Teachers or members of the administration staff at the school are not permitted to act as supervisors. This includes any contract or temporary staff who do not meet the conditions of employment as outlined below.

Any person appointed as a supervisor must not have accepted a voluntary resignation package, for example a Voluntary Departure Package (VDP), Voluntary

Separation Package (VSP) from any Victorian Public sector employer for a minimum period of three calendar years from the date of separation or be bound by any  relevant agreement signed in relation to any other separation payment.

With a vibrant working environment, Lyndhurst’s employee benefits demonstrate our commitment to highly valuing professional and substantial career development, supporting our people to deliver excellence in their profession and excellent outcomes for our school and students.

Leadership Positions

For more information about Leadership Team positions and role descriptions, please download the Team Profile document below.  

Other Employment Opportunities and CRT work

To apply for a Casual Relief Teaching position please send your current Resume and Cover Letter to addressed to the Daily Organiser.

Please include information on your teaching methods and experience. It is a requirement that you must have current VIT Registration to work as a teacher within Victorian schools. To be eligible to work as a CRT at Lyndhurst Secondary College you must be able to produce your current VIT card.