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Phenomenal Phillip Island - my year 7 camp

“Arrrrrggggghhhhh are those saturated, ebony creatures sharks!!!” No! They’re Lyndhurst Secondary Collage students surfing the roaring waves professionally!  
As experienced whilst on LSC’s buoyant 2018 camp!

Our adventure began as we clambered eagerly onto our premium coach (With added chauffeur, Mr.Atkin!) waiting patiently to transport us to our desired destination.

Once arrived, tent assembling provided grand entertainment for all spectators!!! I was exceedingly surprised the elderly couple beside us weren’t roaring & guffawing with hysterical laughter at our tent befuddlement!!!

Thursday provided a swift breakfast (In which everyone wished Ashley a ‘Happy Birthday!!!’) before sprinting towards our omnibus and speeding joyfully to Cowe’s beach, surfing time!

Surfing was by no means easy but by every means a merry experience!!! Many students were exceedingly skilled at surfing and able to stand impressively on their boards (Not me!). Although I suffered several severe washing machines, surfing was a thrilling opportunity, I shan’t forget the feeling soon!

Exhausted from surfing we quickly devoured our delicious lunch (Healthy rolls) before seizing fishing rods and racing enthusiastically towards the pier, Yipee!!!

We all caught many gullible toad fish, although edible fish were extremely elusive!

That evening, everyone partook in many boisterous beach activities including; sand castle building, tug-of-war and speed races. I must add, our team “The O-mighty Pink” conquered all!

After every grinning, sand laden student returned to camp delicious dinner began (compiled of homemade chicken schnitzel) and Ashley Chapman’s birthday bonanza began with a mouth-watering mud cake topped with exuberant sparklers whisked underneath her nose, whilst a jubilant rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ awaking all nearby senior citizens!

After cramming scrumptious chocolate cake into our mouths, we trooped towards the theatre in which our childhood would be relived, watching Finding Dory!

Friday morning began with an extremely slow start compared to rapid Thursdays! Nobody desired to vacate this magnificent holiday setting although eventually we had to slouch, reluctantly onto our luxury bus to leave.

On returning we visited the majestic Nobbies which provided a brilliant opportunity for many students to gain their first sightings of tiny fairy penguins (Or at least, glimpse a pair of fluorescent webbed feet protruding from underneath an occupied nesting box).

A humongous thankyou to all staff, parents, guardians (Special kisses to you!) and students who created this spectacular opportunity!!! We greatly appreciate your sensational efforts!!!

By Gemma 7A

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