Important Info

This course is offered externally. Please refer to the information below for details.

Delivery and Cost Details

Note: this is subject to change

This course is offered at Alkira SC on Tuesdays. At this stage, it is a one year course only. Materials fees are yet to be determined. On Course Counselling Day, a materials fee of $567 is to be paid for 1st year students. One way bus fare is an additional $90. Timetabling arrangements are TBC.

Possible Career/Further Study Pathways

This is the highest level qualification a student can achieve before being signed up as an apprentice. The course will place students in good standing when later seeking employment in this industry.

Work Placement Requirements

To be determined in consultation with teacher and the RTO next year; probably a minimum of 10 days per year.

Special comments about delivery of the program

Dress code applies. For VCE students, this program does not have a study score, and it is currently being reviewed. Please confirm later in the year additional information about how this course contributes to a VCE program. It is unlikely to be counted as a Year 12 subject and therefore a 34 sequence would not be awarded.