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7B's Christmas at Cranbourne Home

7B’s Christmas at Cranbourne Home

On Wednesday 13th December one of the hottest days of the year, Lyndhurst students paid a visit to Cranbourne Home to showcase their drama performances.

Year 7 students from 7B have been working on dance and drama pieces in Term 4 and when Cranbourne Home asked the College if they wanted to share Christmas activities with the shoppers, we thought it was a great stage to share their hard work and creativity whilst entertaining the local community going about their daily business.

Even though the weather was extremely hot, group one performed a dance to Christmas music, group two performed a short festive sketch and group three performed their interpretation of a scene from the Christmas Carol.

All routines were written and choreographed by the students and it was a great opportunity to present their end of Term work to passersby.

We also appreciated the parents and family members who took the time to come along and support the students in the searing heat. Well done 7B you did an amazing job with your outdoor show.

We look forward to our continued partnership with Cranbourne Home in 2018.

See our Facebook page for more photos of the afternoon!