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7ACE Personal Best Project

A big part of the ACE program in 2017, besides a Community element, was for students in 7A to prepare a Personal Best project.

The idea behind a Personal Best project was to instill resilience and persistence in students by setting goals that required them to strive for success.

The Personal Best project topics were chosen by the students around a particular theme or interest that they were passionate about.

The Project was introduced in Term 2 and students then spent Term 3 and 4 working on their projects. They needed to plan and log their journey to reach their end result as well as analyse the end product.

On Tuesday, 14th of November, 7ACE presented their projects to Parents who were invited in, staff and fellow peers from around the College.

Information Stations were set up in the Library so all Personal Best project presentations were given opportunity to shine and the students could deliver their work to an audience.

Thank you to the ACE team for supporting and encouraging 7ACE students during this initiative and Well Done to all participants, the projects were amazing and you should be proud of your hard work. 

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