Technology aims to develop in students:

  • A systematic approach to generating technological solutions.
  • The knowledge and skills required to use a variety of equipment and resources.
  • An understanding of the principles for safely operating equipment.
  • The ability to explore and assess the past and potential consequences of using technology.
  • A sense of self-confidence and self-sufficiency in dealing with technology.


Students apply their knowledge of Science, Technology and Mathematics to build and program robots. Students learn basic electronics which is fundamental to understanding any digital systems. They will learn electricity basics such as voltage, current, resistance and how to draw circuit diagrams. They will use Arduino micro-controller to build and program robots. They will explore different programming languages such as Python and C++.

Assessment includes · Projects · Research tasks

There will be a materials cost of $50 or less will be required as part of this subject.

Systems Engineering

In systems engineering, students will gain hands on experience in constructing some simple machines including motorised car with gearbox, solar powered car, robobug and LED torch. Students will learn the fundamentals of wiring, soldering of electrical circuits to construct electrical systems. Students will learn how to combine both electrical and mechanical systems to construct these machines. By doing these projects students will learn how to design, plan, build and test a machine.  

Digital Technologies (Computing)

Students will develop skills related to the use of web design and animation and will be required to design and create a wide variety of tasks such as animation, games, websites and layouts. Students who successfully complete this will be well prepared for all VCE IT Subjects.

Food Studies

What to eat for good health? What do other cultures eat?
This unit combines the information regarding Nutrition and food selection and also the exciting and challenging discoveries of food from different cultures and countries.
Students will learn about Nutrition, Food Preparation, Food Presentation, and at the same time improve their practical skills.
They design, plan, produce and evaluate nutritious recipes as well as researching ingredients and cooking methods from other cultures. Students will gain knowledge on what we eat, why we eat and what influences our eating habits today.


Students are expected to investigate and gain skills in using various hand and power tools in conjunction with appropriate safety and joining methods. Developing design skills becomes increasingly important. The students are encouraged to design and manufacture products that improve on existing designs. Students gain knowledge of materials and skills to increase vocational opportunities. This subject will continue to introduce skills to prepare students for employment in the local area. It is strongly recommended that students should have successfully completed Year 8 and 9 Woodwork, although it is not a pre-requisite. Students need to ensure they have the required aptitude to undertake Year 10 Woodwork.