In The Arts, students learn ways of experiencing, developing, representing and understanding ideas, emotions, values and cultural beliefs. They learn to take risks, be imaginative, question prevailing values, explore alternative solutions, engage in art analysis, develop, practice and refine techniques, share opinions and extend the limits of the arts.

Studio Arts

Students will be encouraged to work creatively in a range of art forms and materials. They will also learn how to create artworks from various starting points.  Students will gain an appreciation of the works of other artists learning about techniques, artistic purpose and historical context.


Students will work co-operatively to plan, rehearse and present dramatic works. Students will learn about theatrical styles and techniques through improvisation and script work. Characterisation and role-play will be explored and students will keep a journal evaluating their work.


This course has been designed to enable students to understand and explore the concepts of how media influences our lives. The students will start to learn the skills used and knowledge needed in the creation of: movies, radio productions, still image development and printed media. These skills and knowledge will be used and expanded on in VCE Media. Students will study different genres and create mini movies using green screen skills developing their production skills.