Important Information

Delivery and Cost Details

Note: this is subject to change

This is a scored VCE VET course. The course is designed to equip students for working as assistants in the multimedia and design industries and the teachers are current industry practitioners.

This course is offered at Chisholm Frankston Tuesdays 5pm – 9pm for 1st year and Wednesdays 5-9pm for 2nd year students.

Possible Career/Further Study Pathways

Digital media artist assistant, Assistant animator, Assistant digital media developer

Further study pathways: Dual Certificate IV in Digital Media Technologies / Digital and Interactive Games, Certificate IV in Design, Certificate IV in Photography

Work Placement Requirements

80 hours recommended but not mandatory.

Special comments about the program

This is a two year program.

Year 10 Maths and English required

Equipment/PPE: External video hard drive 500 GB minimum

For VCE students, a study score is available (allowing students to count this subject in their primary four subjects for the purposes of ATAR calculation).