Important Information

Delivery and Cost Details

Note: this is subject to change

This course is suited for students with a strong interest in game development. Students are required to have a 16GB USB memory stick.

This course is offered at Chisholm Dandenong on Wednesdays Chisholm and Frankston on Wednesdays and Fridays 8.30am-12.30pm and 1-5pm.

Possible Career/Further Study Pathways

May lead to further study at TAFE or other tertiary institutions. Roles in the games industry include: Games designer, Games programmer, Mobile games programmer, Support + games developer.

Work Placement Requirements

80 hours recommended but not mandatory.

Special comments about delivery of the program

For VCE students, this program does not have a study score, but does count as a 3 / 4 sequence Students may be eligible to gain an ATAR increment (10% of the lowest study score of the primary four studies) depending on the UOCs delivered by the TAFE provider. Please note that this course cannot be counted in the student’s primary four studies for ATAR calculation.