Important Information

Delivery and Cost Details

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This scored VCE VET course aims to provide equine skills that can lead to pathways in all sectors of the equine industry. Units of study may include: handle horses safely, equine anatomy, provide first aid, apply knowledge of horse behaviour.

This course is offered at Hillcrest Christian College on Wednesdays 1.30-5.30pm or online learning with practical assessments in school holidays.

Possible Career/Further study pathways

After further study, possible future employment outcomes include Stud Nurse, Stud Manager, Stable Hand, Racehorse Trainer, Equine Dentistry, Equine Farrier, Equine Therapy

Provides an excellent grounding for further studies in Horse Breeding, Horse Management, Racing, Outdoor Recreation, Sport Coaching, Equine Science, Equine Nutrition or Performance Horse Management.

Work Placement requirements

A minimum of 40 hours per year is required – assisted placement in industry

Special comments about the program

Students must complete work placement.

Students may be required to show proof of current tetanus vaccination.

This is a two year program.

Students wishing to receive an ATAR contribution for the scored units 3 and 4 sequence of VCE VET Equine Studies must undertake scored assessment for the purpose of achieving a study score. This study score can contribute directly to the ATAR, either as one of the student’s best four studies (the primary four) or as a fifth or sixth study.