VET and VCE Vocational Major (VCE VM)

To be eligible to receive the VCE VM, students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 16 units, including:

3 VCE VM Literacy units

2 VCE VM Numeracy

2 VCE VM Work Related Skills units

2 VCE VM Personal Development Skills units, and

2 VET credits at Certificate II level or above (180 nominal hours)

Students will attend school 3 days a week and TAFE/VET 1 day a week and SWL(Structured Work placement) 1 day a week. Some students will attend VET on Wednesdays and have SWL placement on Fridays and some students will attend VET on Fridays and have SWL placement on Wednesdays.

It is the student’s responsibility to seek out an appropriate work placement. Students are strongly advised to check with their training provider to ensure that the placement they are considering satisfies the requirements of their VET course. Work placement will need to be linked to the VET/TAFE course you are enrolled in. Attendance at school, TAFE and work placement is vital if you are to complete your VCE certificate. Although students will be completing more practical subjects, there is still a writing/theory and assessment components to all classes including VET/TAFE.

Please ensure you download and fill out the following form:


Sellen has provided virtual tours of VET courses, please follow this link  ( and go to the bottom of the page. Each resource provides virtual tours and details of relevant courses. 


Please use the subjects menu to learn more about a particular course. If you are unsure about any information provided on this site, we strongly recommend that you contact staff in the Careers Department at Lyndhurst Secondary College or an appropriate Middle or Senior Sub School team leader.

Please understand that the information provided in this Handbook has been published in June. At this time, arrangements for VET courses in terms of the programs offered and the days on which classes will be conducted and the charges associated with the courses are still subject to negotiation.

From 2022, government schools are receiving funding for material fees for VET courses. There are some courses, however, that require certain items that do not come under this funding and we are requesting payment for these. Examples of these are items that are retainable by the student or cannot be re-used such as consumables, kits and some excursions. Please refer to: for this funding.

Students wishing to undertake a VET course must return all paperwork by 22nd July 2022 so Schools can apply for this funding.

(please note the uniform requirements and above price-list should be used as a price guide only, 2023 prices and requirements have not been confirmed)

Students completing a VCE program should ensure they understand how their VET course contributes to their VCE and ATAR. If you are uncertain, please seek advice from a careers advisor at the school.


NOTE: Lyndhurst Secondary College students seeking to apply for enrolment in a VETiS course for next year are advised that:

  • Students who will be commencing Year 10 studies can access VET on Wednesdays.
  • Students who will be commencing Year 11 can access VET on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Students who will be commencing Year 12 can access VET on and Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • If you have researched a VET course not listed below, and it fits with your timetable, please enquire at the Careers Room

Some VET courses require additional enrolment requirements such as compulsory attendance at an information session. Unless stated otherwise, VETiS courses are two years in duration.

The following VET programs are offered to Lyndhurst SC students for study next year. The delivery of these programs will be subject to viable student numbers; payment of necessary costs, and all enrolment requirements being met.