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Please use the subjects menu to learn more about a particular course. If you are unsure about any information provided on this site, we strongly recommend that you contact staff in the Careers Department at Lyndhurst Secondary College or an appropriate Middle or Senior Sub School team leader.

Please understand that the information provided in this Handbook has been published in June. At this time, arrangements for VETiS courses in terms of the programs offered and the days on which classes will be conducted and the charges associated with the courses are still subject to negotiation.

Unless stated otherwise, the information provided here is based on 2020 course and costing details and should be used as a guide only. Final details will be conveyed to students and parents as soon as it becomes available. The most current information related to materials fees is attached to the last page of the VET application form.

Students completing a VCE program should ensure they understand how their VET course contributes to their VCE and ATAR. If you are uncertain, please seek advice from a careers advisor at the school.


NOTE: Lyndhurst Secondary College students seeking to apply for enrolment in a VETiS course for next year are advised that:

  • Students who will be commencing Year 10 studies or VCE studies next year may only apply for entry to a VETiS course that is delivered on a Wednesday.
  • Students who will be undertaking a VCAL program next year may apply for entry to a VETiS course that is delivered on a Tuesday OR a Wednesday.
  • Where final materials charges for VETiS courses are not confirmed at the time of course counselling day, enrolment application forms must be accompanied by payment of a fee based on this year’s materials charges. When final costing is known, students will receive a refund of monies owed if the materials charge is less than the expected charge or arrangements will be made for payment of additional monies if materials charges set by training providers have increased.
  • All enrolment applications lodged with Chisholm Institute require payment of a non-refundable administrative fee. Currently the non-refundable administrative fee is $50. This figure may increase for next year’s enrolments.
  • If you have researched a VET course not listed below, and it fits with your timetable, please enquire at the Careers Room

Students who choose to apply for enrolment in a VET course will be required to complete relevant forms and make necessary payments at the College General Office.

Some VETiS courses require additional enrolment requirements such as compulsory attendance at an information session. Unless stated otherwise, VETiS courses are two years duration and materials charges must be paid each year.

The following VETiS programs are offered to Lyndhurst SC students for study next year. The delivery of these programs will be subject to viable student numbers; payment of necessary costs, and all enrolment requirements being met.