Unit One – Representation and Technologies of Representation

In this unit students develop an understanding of the relationship between the media, technology and the representations present in media forms.

Students study the relationships between media technologies, audiences and society. Students develop practical and analytical skills, including an understanding of the contribution of codes and conventions to the creation of meaning in media products, the role and significance of selection processes in their construction, the role audiences play in constructing meaning from media representations, and the creative and cultural impact of new media technologies.

Unit Two – Media Production and The Media Industry

In this unit students develop their understanding of the specialist production stages and roles within the collaborative organisation of media production.

Students participate in specific stages of a media production, developing practical skills in their designated role. Students also develop an understanding of media industry issues and developments relating to production stages and roles and the broader framework within which Australian media organisations operate.

Unit Three – Narrative and Media Production Design

In this unit students develop an understanding of film, television or radio drama production and story elements, and learn to recognise the role and significance of narrative organisation in fictional film, television or radio drama texts.

Students examine how production and story elements work together to structure meaning in narratives to engage audiences. Students also develop practical skills through undertaking exercises related to aspects of the design and production process and complete a media production design plan for a specific media form and audience.

Unit Four – Media: Process, Influence and Society’s Values

In this unit students further develop practical skills in the production of media products to realise the production design plan completed during Unit 3. Organisational and creative skills are refined and applied throughout each stage of the production process.

Students analyse the relationship between media texts, social values and discourses in the media. The nature and extent of media influence, the relationship between the media, media audiences and media regulation are also critically analysed in this unit.