VCE Year 11 / 12



The language to be studied and assessed is modern standard Hindi. This is the form of Hindi which has been approved by the Central Hindi Directorate (Government of India), New Delhi.

The standard grammatical description produced by the Government of India is A Basic Grammar of Modern Hindi by Dr Aryendra Sharma.

This study is designed to enable students to:

 use Hindi to communicate with others;

  • understand and appreciate the cultural contexts in which Hindi is used;
  • understand their own culture(s) through the study of other cultures;
  • understand language as a system;
  • make connections between Hindi and English, and/or other languages;
  • apply Hindi to work, further study, training or leisure.

The areas of study for Hindi comprise themes and topics, grammar, text types, vocabulary
and kinds of writing. They are common to all four units of the study, and they are
designed to be drawn upon in an integrated way, as appropriate to the linguistic needs of
the student, and the outcomes for the unit.

The grammar, vocabulary, text types and kinds of writing are linked, both to each other,
and to the themes and topics. Together, as common areas of study, they add a further layer of definition to the knowledge and skills required for successful achievement of the outcomes.

The common areas of study have been selected to provide the opportunity for the student to build upon what is familiar, as well as develop knowledge and skills in new and more challenging areas.


There are three prescribed themes:

  • the individual
  • the Hindi-speaking community
  • the changing world