Whats Sewing on?

Students will begin learning about textiles and the design process and how it relates to them.

Students can build on what they know already or learn the basics.

This will include design drawing skills, hand and machine sewing, and how to use or modify and draft a pattern to construct a textiles product for an intended purpose.

This subject will require students to use design skills and problem-solving skills as they work with a range of materials and equipment, including the integration of electronics. Students will discover the excitement of creating something unique and breaking down the stereotypes of a traditional textiles class.

Skills check

Small/large projects:

  • soft toys
  • upcycled products
  • Garment production (cosplay included)
  • Props

Design folio

Possible Pathways

Using the Curriculum Pathways Map, outline where this subject fits with regards to progression from Year 7 to 12.Hopefully in the future this will lead to the year 9 elective being proposed for 2023. As well as a year 10 elective and VCE units 1-4 of product design.