Senior School Update

Tuesday, August 24 - 2021

On Friday, the Victorian Government provided an update to schools with information on how the remainder of the year will proceed for Year 12 students given the current Covid-19 climate.

Advice currently is that students will continue with remote learning and SACs (School Assessed Coursework) will be conducted from home under strict conditions which the school will provide. For students who have performance and practical assessments that cannot be completed at home, they will be able to undertake these onsite in a face to face setting with their teacher from the 30th August. This will be communicated to applicable students by classroom teachers and the Senior Sub School.

The GAT will now take place on Thursday 9th September from 10am – 1:15pm.

The CED (Consideration of Educational Disadvantage) process will again take place this year for all Year 12 students. More information about this will be provided later to students and the college will support students with this process.

Exam dates will remain as scheduled and curriculum/content of the study designs and exams will not change. These are set to take place from Monday 4th October until Friday 17th November. The ATAR and results will be released on Thursday 16th December.

We as a College are extremely proud of all of our students but especially our Year 12 students with the way in which they have conducted themselves during these challenging times. Students should be proud of their resilience and commitment they have shown whilst working through these challenges.

If you have any questions or need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact the following people at the College:

Anthony Brannan (Senior Sub School Leader)

Kelly Bendon (Assistant Principal Senior School 10-12)