academy in 2022

The Lyndhurst Academy is a special elective program for two periods per week where students will develop skills which are important for successful living in the 21st Century. Skills of creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking are developed in an area of passion. Students will choose a new Academy each Term or Semester and work in groups where they are connected to both the School and wider Community.
Students are assessed against the Victorian Curriculum Capabilities to track the development of Personal and Social skills, Ethical understanding, Intercultural Understanding as well as Critical and Creative Thinking. Students are able to choose a different academy each term or may be able to continue with the same academy for the full semester. The options available do change over time, but normally include sports coaching, kitchen skills, creative and performing arts and science. Academies change over time according to student preferences and staff capabilities. Academy options are finalized and offered for selection on Compass Insights in the term prior to starting them.