At Lyndhurst Secondary College, we understand that transition starts long before enrolment in a secondary school.

For all students approaching this stage in life, apprehension and worry often exist side by side with the excitement of launching into a new stage of life at secondary school. We have developed a close connection with local primary schools and together we deliver a comprehensive preparation for secondary schooling to students in Grade 5 and 6. We then further build upon this when students begin in Year 7. This program ensures that students are fully supported throughout the transition process.

To support families and students during the ongoing COVID situation, a Virtual Transition Resources and Information space was created for new students who commenced their studies with us in 2021. This new space contains important information, key contacts and some short videos and continues to grow. We have just added information about a brand new program called LAUNCH starting in 2022 for all new Year 7 students joining Lyndhurst.

Our onsite transition program pre COVID included many fantastic group activities and we hope to be able to resume some of these in the near future:

  • Grade 5 discovery sessions – students visit Lyndhurst Secondary College 3 times throughout the year to participate in secondary lessons, such as Metalwork, Home Economics, Mathematics and English. Parents and carers are also invited to come along and see these lessons in action.
  • Grade 6 preparation sessions – students visit Lyndhurst Secondary College again and participate in transition skills sessions such as organising lockers and reading timetables, along with further experiencing a secondary classroom.
  • Curriculum links – we work extensively with Grade 5 and 6 teachers to ensure a smooth transition for students’ learning. This includes sharing resources and working together to extend students in Grade 5 and 6 and also to support students struggling in Year 7.
  • Mentoring programs – student leaders visit local primary schools and engage in mentoring of prospective student leaders in Grade 5 and 6. Cross age sports coaching is also run by Year 9 students in several local primary schools.
  • Orientation Day – where students experience a day of secondary school at the end of Grade 6. They are placed in their classes for the following year and activities for the day focus on getting to know each other and getting a sense of what to expect when they begin.
  • Welcome program – the first 3 days of Year 7 are devoted to setting up a positive and effective start to secondary schooling. Students get to know each other, their teachers and their physical environment, in addition to working on furthering the required social skills necessary for a successful transition.
  • Welcome BBQ – Families are invited to attend a welcome barbeque in Term One, where they are able to meet key staff working with their children and meet other parents/carers.