Senior School Handbook


Welcome to the Senior School of Lyndhurst Secondary College – a senior school that offers a diverse range of opportunities, experiences and programs of study for students in Years 10, 11 and 12.

Students in the Senior School are fortunate to be supported and assisted by a very experienced and dedicated team of educators. Their commitment to students is demonstrated by their ongoing availability to provide support, advice and counselling in relation to both schooling and post-schooling options as well as a willingness to assist with personal difficulties that may be experienced by students from time to time.

Details are provided in this handbook explaining the many and varied programs that are available to students in the Senior School. Indeed it is the goal of the College to offer each student a challenging and rewarding program which will enable the individual to develop to his or her best potential. Varied pathways exist through the Senior School which enable students to:

  • accelerate learning by Year 10 students undertaking a VCE or VET unit as part of their Year 10 program and continuing that “head start” by completing a Year 12 study whilst in Year 11.
  • pursue a VCE program with a broad range of studies offered in the Senior School. Most VCE programs will require students to undertake 20 units over two years.
  • complete a VCAL program which enables students to achieve specific learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy as well as practical, vocational competencies and personal development skills.
  • incorporate Vocational Education & Training (VET) units within VCE or VCAL programs. A number of vocational certificates are offered, with each course enabling students to undertake work placement.
  • undertake a part time, school based apprenticeship as part of VCE or VCAL which enables students to enjoy the dual status of both student and employee.

In addition to the extensive academic learning program offered to senior students, other programs delivered aim to provide opportunities for students to further develop skills necessary for a successful transition into the adult world – whether that involves further learning at the tertiary level or entry to the world of work.

Lyndhurst Secondary College is celebrating the first year of operation of the Cranbourne Region Trades Skills Centre. Students from Year’s 10,11 and 12 have participated in Automotive Studies (pre vocational) certificate classes for their first and second year qualification. In addition, students from partner schools partook in the program for 2018 and Lyndhurst looks forward to this partnership continuing into 2019.


We have high expectations of our senior students and regard them as responsible young adults who are committed to achieving success at school and always willing to do their very best. Senior students are encouraged to demonstrate the following attributes:

  • an enthusiasm for learning,
  • motivation to make the most of opportunities offered,
  • ability to be accountable and responsible for one’s own actions.

Please take the time to read this Handbook and carefully consider all available options. Be sure to make informed decisions based on advice from key people including College staff and parents. Take advantage of the extensive counselling process in place during Semester 2 as students begin to plan programs for 2019 and be sure to attend the Senior Sub School Information Evening held early in Term 3 on Wednesday 18th July. Don’t forget to also consult key advisors including the MIPs Coordinator and Careers Counsellor.

Understand that this electronic handbook is a guide to be used in selecting programs/subjects and is not intended to be all encompassing. Only after thorough and extensive research should final subjects be selected. Individual subject selection/blocking grid forms are attached to the Senior School Handbook and can be downloaded and printed. If students require a hardcopy, it will be available at the Senior School Office.

For detailed information about VCE, VCAL, Units of work and much more, please see the Senior School FAQ's below which has been written to support the Senior School Handbook.

Senior School F A Q's

Important Dates

Parents and Carers are strongly encouraged to attend course counselling interviews.

Year 10 into 11

Students planning to complete Year 11 in 2019 will be required to attend a Course Counselling Appointment on Wednesday 25th July 2018 during which 2019 program requests will be submitted. This year, parents may select their preferred interview time by logging onto Compass (a text message will be sent notifying you when this becomes available)

Year 11 into 12

It is assumed Year 11 students will in most cases continue with the studies they are currently enrolled in. Consequently only selected students will be required to attend a Course Counselling interview. All VCE and VCAL Year 11 students are required to return their Year 12 course selection form, VET form and materials fee for VET to General Office on Friday 20th July 2018. Students who are required to attend a Course Counselling interview will be notified after their course selections are reviewed. Interviews will occur on Tuesday 31st July 2018 for those students only.

Year 9 into 10

Students planning to complete Year 10 in 2019 will be required to attend a Course Counselling Appointment at school on Thursday 26th July 2018. Parents may select their preferred interview time by logging onto Compass (a text message will be sent notifying you when this becomes available).

Good luck in your planning and consideration of the many options to be pursued in the Senior School!