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Cranbourne Home Banner Design

Lyndhurst Secondary College and Cranbourne Home have joined forces to bring the community together through art. An opportunity was identified at the Cranbourne Home carpark using the large hanging banners; Lyndhurst Secondary College students were invited to submit a piece of artwork that reflects their Community – City of Casey.

Entry closed Friday 28th April and an amazing collection of our students’ artwork was provided to Cranbourne Homes Marketing Manager, Jenny Birt. The work will be published on Cranbourne Home’s Facebook page in the coming weeks for the judging. The top 10 images with the most likes will be reproduced in centre and prizes will be awarded to winning designs once announced.

The Principal, Kondilo Prades stated this is an exciting time for Lyndhurst Secondary College students, working with our wider community to enhance our students’ experiences and promote our College as a vibrant, positive and exciting place to learn.

We will share the link to the voting pages once all pieces of art have been uploaded.