From January 1st 2017, Public Transport Victoria renamed the Victorian Public Transport Concession Card (VPTCC) to PTV School Student ID.

From January 30th 2017, Public Transport Victoria increased the age limit for a child myki concession to 18 years this means the child age range will be 5 years to 18 years inclusive.

Students can use a child myki until they are 18 years of age. (up from 16 years)
If a student has a concession myki, they can continue to use this as it gives them the same concession fare as a child myki.

When in school uniform, students won’t be asked for proof or age. However, when not in school uniform 17 & 18 year olds may be asked to verify their eligibility to travel on a child myki.

The application process for ID cards has not changed. Further information and the PTV School Student ID application form can be viewed and downloaded from


Use the information below to find bus routes to Lyndhurst Secondary College. Routes and pick up times are subject to change. Please contact the bus companies directly to confirm up to date route details and times.

Call Cranbourne Transit on (03) 5996 7333, or you can view the route descriptions at Cranbourne Transit.

Cranbourne to Lyndhurst Secondary College (School Route 4161)

School Bus 10
8.15 am
Camms Rd/Railway Parade
Left at Monohans Road
Left into Duff Street
Right at Dunbar Avenue
Left into Hawdon Drive
Right at Clarendon Street
Left at Fairbairn Rd. Left at Sladen
Left into High Street
8.37 am
Cranbourne Plaza –then direct to Lyndhurst Secondary College.
P/Up as required arriving 8.47 am.

School Bus 12

Departs School 3.15 pm returning via Sth Gippsland Hwy to Clarendon St., Fairbarin, Sladen and Lyall St. to CLYDE

Dandenong, Hallam, Hampton Park to Lyndhurst Secondary College

Run 893
7.40 am
Dandenong Station
Princes Highway
7.58 am
Hallam Station
Oaktree/Willow Drive
8.15 am
Hampton Park Shopping Centre
Henry Lawson Drive
8.35 am
Lyndhurst Secondary College

Run 29
3.15 pm
Depart Lyndhurst Secondary College
Sth Gippsland Hwy for Hampton Park, Hallam and Dandenong.

Devon Meadows/Five Ways/Clyde/Cranbourne Shopping Centre

RUN 796
8.05 am
Lyall Street
Devon Meadows
8.15 am
Five Ways
8.31 am
Cranbourne Shopping Centre - change to bus run 31

PMSchool Bus 12
3.15 pmDepart Lyndhurst Secondary College via South Gippsland Hwy, Clarendon St, Fairbairn Rd, Cranbourne Frankston Rd, High Street to Cranbourne Secondary then to Lyall Street Bay 1

Run 796
Departure from Lyall Street Bay 1

Berwick/Narre Warren/Hampton Park/Lyndhurst

School Bus 14
8.00 am
St Margaret's Berwick
Gloucester Avenue
Left at Princes Highway
8.12 am
Left Webb Street
Shrives Road
Pound Road
Left at Hallam Road
Right at Sommerville Road
Left at Parkland Avenue
8.25 am
Left into Fordholm Road
Right into Hallam Road
Left at Sth Gippsland Highway
8.35 am
Lyndhurst Secondary College
School Bus 5 Cranbourne North to Berwick School route #4166
3.27 pm
Wentworth St, Sth Gippsland Hwy, Waverly Park Drive, Huon Park Rd, Hazelwood Ave, Courtenay Ave, Brentwood Drive, Josephine Ave, Hamilton Drive, Cranbourne Narre Warren Rd, Greaves Rd, Centre Rd, Clyde Rd, Langmore Lane, Gloucester Ave, Princes Hway, Cranbourne Narre Warren Rd
School Bus 11

Depart inside School grounds, then travels via Sth Gippsland Hwy, Hallam Rd, Fordholm Rd, Fairway, Sommerville Rd, Vanessa Dr, Pound Rd, Shrives Rd, Narre Warren Station, left onto Princes Highway, terminates at Hindrickson Drive

Cannons Creek, Warneet, Tooradin

7.45 amCannons Creek
7.58 amWarneet General Store
8.05 amBlind Bight
8.14 amTooradin Post Office
8.21 amFiveways Store
8.30 amCranbourne Shopping Centre transfer to Run 31 waiting at Shopping Centre for Lyndhurst Secondary College

School Bus 12
3.15 pm
Departure from School Grounds to Lyall Street Bay 1
4.21 pm
Departure from Lyall Street Bay 1

Pearcedale, Cranbourne South (School Route 4155)

School Bus 8
7.45 am
Brown Road and Fiona Drive
Left into Pearcedale Rd to Baxter - Tooradin Rd roundabout
8.06 am
Baxter - Tooradin Road
Return along Pearcedale Road
Right into North Road
8.16 am
Left at Craig Road
Left at Sth Gippsland Hwy to
Cranbourne Shopping Centre
8.30 am
Transfer to Run 31 Lyndhurst School Bus

School Bus 8
3.15 pm
Depart from inside school grounds run
via Sth Gippsland Hwy, Camms Road,
Monahans Rd, Duff St, Evans Rd to St Peters College

Please note: Skye/Carrum Downs and Langwarrin School bus services depart opposite St Peters at 3.30 pm
3.33 pm
Depart St Peters run via the Vline stop at Lyall St, then continues to Five Ways, Devon Meadows, Pearcedale and Cranbourne South

Frankston – Cranbourne - Lyndhurst Secondary College

RUN 971
7.50 am
Frankston Station
8.01 am
Karingal Hub
8.12 am
Quarry Road
8.17 am
Hasting/Dandenong Road
8.29 am
Cranbourne shopping Centre -
transfer to Lyndhurst School Bus

School Bus 12
3.15 pm
Depart from inside school grounds to Cnr High St & Camms Road
790 route Service Departs
3.30 pm
High Street & Camms Road

You can call Cardinia Transit on (03) 5940 2922.

Fountain Gate – Narre Warren Station – Casey Central – Thompsons Road/SouthGippsland Highway

RUN 841
8.13 am
Fountain Gate Shopping Centre
8.18 am
Narre Warren Station
8.26 am
Casey Central Shopping Centre
8.32 am
Thompsons Rd/ South Gippsland Hwy

RUN 841
3.37 pm
Thompson Parkway Shopping Centre
3.44 pm
Casey Central Shopping Centre
3.53 pm
Narre Warren Railway Station
3.58 pm
Fountain Gate Shopping Centre