Building Design Drafting (Partial Completion)


Important Info

For 2019, Building Design Drafting (partial completion) will only run as a 2nd year course. It may be replaced with a certificate III (TBC)

Delivery and Cost Details

Note: this is subject to change

Details regarding timetabling of this course are TBC. This year this course was offered at the Chisholm Institute Dandenong 311 Campus on Wednesdays from 8.00am-12.00pm (1st year) and 1:00pm-5:00pm (2nd year) in Frankston.
Depending on the enrolment numbers, Chisholm will determine if the course will run from Dandenong or Frankston in 2019 (TBC).

At the time of publication, 2019 VETiS Materials Charges have not been determined. A materials fee of $70 will be required to be paid on course counselling day. Once materials fees are known, parents will either be reimbursed if overcharged or invoiced for outstanding fees.

Possible Career/Further Study Pathways

This course is for students interested in a drafting and architecture career. Completion of this course may lead to further study at TAFE or other tertiary institutions. Students who satisfactorily complete their VCE program and this VETiS course will have preferred entry to Chisholm Institute’s Advanced Diploma Building Design (Architectural) course to complete their studies. The Advanced Diploma Building Design (Architectural) articulates into the Bachelor of Architectural Design at university.

Work Placement Requirements

Determined in consultation with teacher & the RTO.

Special comments about delivery of the program

Only students moving into Year 11 or 12 are able to apply. Students may be required to go through an additional selection process. Please check with the VET Coordinator in the LSC Careers Room. Up to six additional full day excursions will also take place from 8.30am-7pm on Wednesdays at points throughout the year.

For VCE students, this program does not have a study score, but does count as a 34 sequence and students gain an ATAR increment (10% of their primary four subjects). Please note that this course cannot be counted in the student’s primary four studies for ATAR calculation.