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Inquisitive students and staff may have noticed the mountains of books piled precariously around the library during the last weeks of 2017. Behind the closed doors a flurry of activity was occurring, as library staff completely re-organised the fiction collection.

The cataloguing and shelving of the fiction collection has been re-arranged to further support our wider reading program and for students to find ‘good fit’ books. A ‘good fit’ book is one that is suitable for a person’s individual reading ability, interest and purpose.

Fiction is now sorted according to genre and age appropriateness. Every book has two stickers designed to help students and staff to determine whether a book may be of interest to them. A coloured sticker on the back top right hand corner of each book indicates the approximate age appropriateness. Fiction is shelved into three groups:


Separating books this way will assist browsers to locate stories that may be particularly appealing for their current age and interests. As a very rough guide, the age of a novel’s protagonist (main character) is often a clue as to which section a book may be found in; Senior Fiction will tend to have adult central characters, whereas Junior Fiction is more likely to feature characters who are primary or early secondary school age. Other elements used to categorise books into these sections include the size of the print, as well as the maturity and complexity of the themes and plot. It is important to remember that library users may still browse and borrow from any section - there are no restrictions.

In addition to this, books are also separated into specific genres. Genre stickers are located on the book’s spine and posters explaining the different genres and their symbols can be seen around the library. Readers can also use the new computer catalogue located by the fiction collection to search via genre as well.

There is no longer any need to embark on a hazardous journey to find an adventure book, it won’t be a terrifying torture to locate a horror story and it certainly won’t feel like the end of the world trying to spot a great dystopian tale.

Come and visit us – we think you’ll find what you are looking for!