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Amazing Humans

This Term in English, Year 8 students have been studying the unit of ‘What makes an amazing human?’

Last week we had a visit from an ex Lyndhurst student, Shannon, who spoke about her fundraising and volunteer work in the orphanages in Nepal.

This week as part of this topic, students have been looking at the book ‘The Heaven Shop’ which has a major focus on the concept of ‘Global Responsibility’. The book focusses on life in Malawi, Africa, and the issues many AIDS orphans deal with on a day to day basis.

On Tuesday, during period 2, all Year 8 students were given the opportunity to listen to Maria Strinzos. Maria works for the Relief Society of Tigray (REST)/Ethiopia. Her project is called "The Hawzien Orphan Community Project". Through this project, Maria helps support and educate orphans. Maria has been doing this since 2005 in Ethiopia and has seen some of the orphans go onto university and further education. The children are aged 6-17 years, many of whose parents died from AIDS. Some of the children also have AIDS. It was a great pleasure listening to Maria and hearing the stories of the aide work she has done over the last 40 years. She is an inspiration for us all on ‘What makes an amazing human?’ Thank you to Maria for visiting us today.