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Lyndhurst Secondary College has implemented a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) program to establish a school climate in which appropriate behaviour is the norm for all students. SWPBS is an evidence-based approach which promotes proactive and explicit teaching of behavioural expectations.

We acknowledge and give recognition to students for following the expectations, rather than waiting for misbehaviour and unacceptable behaviour to occur before responding. As part of the SWPBS program, staff will now be able to acknowledge students for demonstrating our values in a more formal manner. The commendations are specifically related to the College values of commitment, excellence, integrity and respect and will be visible to parents/carers and students on Compass. Students with the most commendations for a particular value will be acknowledged at assemblies.

One component of SWPBS is the display of an expectation matrix. The matrix explicitly outlines how each behavioural expectation manifests or looks. The matrix is then used as both a reference point and teaching tool throughout the school year. The Lyndhurst Secondary College Behaviour Expectation matrix is displayed in all teaching spaces and other areas of the school and is an integral part of the framework for creating a positive, safe and engaging school environment.

 To view the matrix please see the attachment below

LSCWholeschool Behaviour Expectations Matrix 2.pdf

LSCClassroom Behaviour Expectations.pdf